What’s The Difference Between PG Vs VG Nicotine?

pg vs vg nicotine

The Names PG And VG Are Likely Familiar To You If You’ve Ever Dabbled With Vaping Or E-Cigarettes. For Both New And Seasoned Vapers Alike, It’s Critical To Comprehend The Differences Between These Two Main Ingredients In E-Liquids. The Vaping Experience As A Whole Depends Heavily On PG And VG, Which Influence Everything From Throat Hit To Vapor Generation To Flavor Intensity.

Let’s Look At The Differences And Qualities Of PG (Propylene Glycol) And VG (Vegetable Glycerin):


PG (Propylene Glycol): PG Has A Thinner Consistency Than VG And Is A Clear, Odorless Liquid. It Is Widely Used In A Range Of Consumer Goods, Such As Food Additives, Cosmetics, And Medications.

VG(Vegetable Glycerin): Has A Thicker Texture And A Faint Sweetness. It Is Made From Vegetable Oils. Food, Cosmetics, And Pharmaceutical Items Are Just A Few Of The Things That Use It.

2.Throat Hit: PG: 

PG Offers A Throat Hit That Is More Prominent And Feels Like Smoking Regular Cigarettes. People Who Want To Mimic The Sensation Of Smoking Prefer It Because Of This Quality.

VG: VG Generally Has A Gentler Throat Hit And Is Smoother On The Throat. Vapers Who Find PG Too Harsh Could Prefer E-Liquids With A VG Base. 

3.Vapor Production:

PG: PG Produces Less Vapor Compared To VG. This Is Because It Has A Lower Density And Vaporizes At A Lower Temperature. If You’re Looking For Discrete Vaping Or A Less Cloudy Environment, PG Might Be The Way To Go.

VG: VG Is Renowned For Producing A Lot Of Vapor. It Is A Popular Among Enthusiasts Who Enjoy Chasing Clouds Since It Produces Dense, Billowy Clouds Of Vapor.


PG: PG Is An Excellent Carrier For Flavorings And Tends To Deliver A More Intense And Accurate Flavor Profile. This Is Why Many E-Liquids With Complex Or Subtle Flavors Often Have A Higher PG Content.

VG: VG Has A Naturally Sweet Taste That Can Slightly Mute Flavors. While It’s Still Possible To Get Excellent Flavor From VG-Based E-Liquids, They May Require More Steeping Or Tweaking To Achieve The Desired Taste.

5. Allergies And Sensitivities:

PG: Some Individuals May Experience Allergies Or Sensitivities To PG, Leading To Symptoms Like Throat Irritation, Coughing, Or Skin Reactions. These Cases Are Relatively Rare But Worth Noting.

VG: VG Is Generally Considered Hypoallergenic And Is Less Likely To Cause Allergic Reactions.


PG: PG Is Compatible With Most Vaping Devices, Including Traditional Vape Pens And Pod Systems. It Flows Well And Doesn’t Gunk Up Coils As Quickly As VG.

VG: VG Is Thicker And May Not Work Well In Some Smaller, Less Powerful Devices. It Can Lead To Quicker Coil Buildup And May Require More Maintenance.

Which Is Best?

Your Tastes And Vaping Habits Will Determine Which Option Is Ideal For You. If You Want A Strong Throat Punch And Clear Flavor, PG Is An Excellent Choice. If You Prefer Dense Clouds And A Gentler Throat Impact, VG Is A Better Option.

The Easiest Approach To Figure Out Which PG/VG Ratio Is Ideal For You, In The End, Is To Experiment With Several Ones. Start With A 50/50 Mixture And Then Adjust It To Suit Your Tastes.

Consider The Following Extra Factors When Selecting Between PG And VG: 

You Might Wish To Use A Higher VG E-Liquid If You Are PG Sensitive.

To Prevent Coil Clogging While Using A Pod System Or Other Compact Device, You Might Wish To Select A Lower VG E-Liquid.

To Create More Vapor When Using A Sub-Ohm Tank, Use An E-Liquid With A Greater VG Content.


Choosing Between PG And VG Will Mostly Depend On Your Preferences And Vaping Goals. A Higher PG E-Liquid Can Be Your Best Option If You’re A Recent Ex-Smoker Seeking For A Strong Throat Hit And Intense Flavor. On The Other Side, VG Might Be More Enticing To You If You’re More Interested In Creating Substantial Vapor Clouds And Like A Smoother Throat Hit.

In Order To Achieve A Balance Between Throat Hit, Vapor Output, And Flavor, Many Vapers Also Choose A PG And VG Blend. The Best E-Liquid Formula Ultimately Comes Down To Personal Preference, And Experimentation Is Frequently The Key To Determining Your Preferred Vaping Sensation.

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